Wednesday, September 21, 2011


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  1. notmartha Jan 30, 10, 05:11PM | #1
    Please i need help ..
    I've paid quite a large sum of money to have a 3500 word paper written by with a rather easy topic ( i have loads of things on my plate right now and I don't have time to write it ..lame excuse i know but thats besides that point)
    anyways I got the paper and well I was rather surprised. I haven't ever seen crap look so professional in my life. At first glance you look at it and go "Wow, that looks like a good paper" but when you read it its like crap basically. I talked to one of the "live chat" operators who was very understanding and requested i fill out a revision form which I did. I just got the revised paper a few minutes ago and I didn't have to read the entire paper to know I was in trouble. I swear to god it took 3 sentences for me to get really worried. I just talked to the operator once again and she said she'll re-assign me to another writer.. is that a smart choice? Should I spend this time trying to look for another writer/website ? No, I can't right it. Please no smart-ass comments. If there are any freelance writers out there looking for a job please message me... then again how can I make sure i don't get scammed by them as well ? Help :( Are they a scam ?

    WritersBeware Jan 30, 10, 05:29PM | #2
    = Africans masquerading as Brits